Niños en Alegria Foundation is created in 2003 with the goal to improve the space and conditions of primary schools in Guerrero in marginalized locations, to provide better education for children in the region. 

We rebuilt and equipped the first school in 2004, Primary School “Adolfo Lopez Mateos” located in Acapulco. Since then, we have reconditioned a total of 23 schools, in 7 municipalities (Acapulco, Chilpancingo, San Marcos, Coyuca, Iguala, Zihuatanejo and Salina Cruz in Oaxaca).

In 2007, Niños en Alegria was chosen by UNICEF as a strategic partner for the implementation of the program “Todos a la Escuela” (Everyone to School) in Guerrero.

In 2017, we signed an agreement with Fundacion Telefonica and La Caixa to implement in Guerrero two programs: “Creando Codigo” (Coding) and “Gestor de Clases” (Class Manager).